Was the safety of players in Den Bosch does not guarantee’

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Referee Sander van der Eijk waited more than half an hour or the field at FC Den Bosch ready-to-use could be made, but were still forced the match to order.

Sander van der Eijk shows that the field in Den Bosch quite broken.

“In the warm-up we saw that there are some parts of the field los were affected”, said the referee across Fox Sports. “I then indicated that the repair had to be, because the safety of the players is different in the proceedings.”

There had to be a mechanic to come in handy to save what could be saved on the field for the game with FC Emmen, but to no avail. “We found out that the grass at nine or ten places los lag. Then it was already 20.30 hours and I have decided the duel to order. The field was not yet ready and I had the safety of the players is not a guarantee,” said the prince, who, like the players onverrichter back to his home.

Upcoming Monday evening, at 20.00 hours, the duel overtaken.


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