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Verge course is recovering; why the cooperation with Pornhub is a success; new partnership

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In the hours and days after the announcement of the partnership between Pornhub and the Verge of the XVG course knew for a long time only one direction: downwards. In the last 24 hours, the Verge of course but it shows again the first signs of a recovery.

After the partnership with Pornhub, it was announced that crashed, the price of a XVG of 0,9238 Euro on 0,4945 Euro. There was a sellout. D

The reasons for this are not, in our opinion, but only in the disappointment of the partnership, but also in the investment strategy of the investors. Probably a variety of the Verge, investors just waiting for this and speculated to sell at the right Moment, the gains of the previous weeks take.

Now it seems as if the low point is reached. Within the past 24 hours Verge (XVG) price has risen by around 17 per cent, to around 0,5942 Euro.

The controversy surrounding Verge and Pornhub

The partnership with Mindgeek, the company behind Pornhub, led in the crypto community for many investors to disappointment and controversy. In view of the fact that in the run-up to companies, such as Amazon and PayPal for the mysterious partnership in the conversation were, this seems hardly surprising.

Many had expected “at least” a payment service provider, the Verge would give even greater reach. In addition, the critics argue that the Verge was “only” accepted as means of payment on a website and it is not a partnership.

In our opinion, this view is not, however, quite correct. With the partnership Verge reached currencies of the promised mass adaption of Crypto, and on the other Verge gets a Partner, the Verge, promote and use the technology in an “aggressive” marketing campaign will support.

Furthermore, will not be limited to the partnership only on Pornhub, but also on other portals, mindgeek, such as, inter alia, YouPorn, RedTube, Brazzers and Nataku extended. According to Maxim, the adaptation to Brazzers, and the erotic game page Nataku soon.

In view of the fact that the entertainment industry is a billion dollar industry and a wide range of, the partnership, in our view, an ideal use case, so that more people in touch with crypto currency close. Ultimately can not Verge in the best case only, but the entire crypto currency market.

Furthermore, the cooperation is also important for the users of a value, when you consider that users of Pornhub with a special focus on your privacy. XVG gives you exactly this, without the payment, for example, on the credit card statement shows up.

Although it will show in the coming weeks can what are the long-term effects of the XVG partnership, but Verge now and in the future a lot of attention in the crypto scene.

Verge of partnership with Gaming platform

In addition, a further (smaller) partnership is on the horizon for the Verge already. How XVGWhale announced via Twitter, may Verge to conclude a Gaming partnership. The Start-up wants Verge as In-Game currency to use.

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