Van der Sar: ’I remain a director and At Hag trainer

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Edwin van der Sar continues to next season, director of Ajax with Erik ten Hag as head coach. “Erik continues to coach and I’m the director,” said Van der Sar yesterday for the start of Ajax – VVV-Venlo (4-1 victory) and four days after the oorwassing at champion PSV.

Edwin van der Sar (l.) not thinking boarding for Ajax and, just like Marc Overmars, confidence in head coach Erik ten Hag.

In January after the appointment of At Hag told Van der Sar its own performance critically against the light to hold as well as Ajax under Ten Hag no champion would be, and progression would be books. Van der Sar now: “At this moment we have Erik not the connection to PSV, at which we had hoped for. Until now We have not enough development seen on the field. Painful. Good players do not always constitute a winning team”, he compared the NOS.

Van der Sar is counting the fourth season without a grand prize is not personal. “Stability and peace would you go forward. We hang out a trainer not on whether or not a championship.”

Incidentally, hoots the uproar within the club Ajax, where the performance of Van der Sar as a director if insufficient is described. The board of directors of the club’s majority shareholder – will occur later in consultation with the supervisory board and then there will undoubtedly be a list of objections on the table and it is up to the supervisory board under the leadership of chairman Leo van Wijk or the club longer continue with Van der Sar. Itself charges the general manager of a thumb up. “In some ways I had more decisively. That needs to improve. But by damage and shame is one wise.”

Van der Sars colleague Marc Overmars spoke with Fox Sports of a failed season and may the new season to start tomorrow. “What does not mean that we are afraid to look into the mirror to see what we error have been done and what should be improved. That it is already four years is not good, I want to briefly distinguish, because people forget that last year the Europa League final have played and a lot of goodwill have grown,” says the director spelersbeleid.

“After the European duels, we have fourteen points lost. It is no excuse, but if we had played, we had the title taken. But four years without a price hear absolutely not at Ajax.”

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