UN urge OPCW to research in Douma

e04d6abfb2a121a7ff92257f27d1d3a5 - UN urge OPCW to research in Douma

MOSCOW/PARIS – The special envoy of the United Nations for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, has on a visit in Moscow said that the united nations exert pressure on the inspectors of the OPCW to do their work in the Syrian Douma. The international Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) experts in Syria to find out or in until recently besieged Douma, a gifaanval has been and who for the use of the poison responsible need to be held.

Staffan de Mistura during a press conference in Moscow.

They came a week ago, when the united states, France and Great Britain missile strikes on Syria were launched because the Syrian regime for the gifaanval responsible. That would be all for delay of the study have provided. Tuesday is a team of security officers of the UN in Douma shot. Therefore, the researchers Wednesday, but not to Douma.

According to the Kremlin has been shot by radicals and fighters who do not wish research is done. France and the united states, Russia and Syria accused the research to thwart.

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