Turkish parliament approved the elections of June

68b62906826f365d3a952115e66a13bf - Turkish parliament approved the elections of June

ANKARA – The Turkish parliament last Friday approved a proposal for early elections. Turkish voters are now going on 24 June to the polls for a president and parliament to choose, more than a year earlier than originally planned.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Not all parliamentarians agreed with the proposal. Members of the pro-Kurdish HDP protested by the audience walk out. Earlier opposition party CHP has already stated that no elections can be held while the state of emergency, but that now seems yet to happen. The parliament, where the AK party of president Erdogan is in the majority, extended the state of emergency Wednesday for three months.

Erdogan had on Wednesday proposed that the elections to move it to June. After the next ballot, the political system on the kick: the post of the prime minister shall lapse and the president gets more powers. Turkish voters voted in the referendum last year, with a grondwetswijzing that made it possible. Actually reigns Erdogan thanks the emergency is now largely by decree.

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