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TEN Capital organized Emerge ICO Summit in Texas

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TEN Capital Group recently announced that it will organize a conference on the topic of Blockchain technologies. Emerge ICO Summit is in October in Austin, Texas, Blockchain-companies with investors and Business Tools. The Emerge ICO Summit will focus on Blockchain projects, which start the request of capital. You should as a speaker, Sponsor, or organization that this conference is interested in joining, you can fill out a short Online form and learn more about it.

Emerge ICO Summit in 2018

TEN Capital Group organizes every year, three conferences: One in February, which focuses on consumer goods, a in may with a focus on the health industry and one in October, which technology. In the latter, this year ICO’s in the center.

Events like this accumulate in the last time to accelerate with the hope of the development of the crypto world. The C3 Conference in Berlin clearly showed how a Meeting of the Blockchain-can shape a company and enthusiasts of every level value for the industry.


The organization changed its name in the year 2017 your company-Mission, make it is to target a business-to develop the Ecosystem. Your network has 16,000 investors. They offer services for investors, entrepreneurs, existing companies, A Fundraising and ICOs.

“Since the founding of the company in 2009, as the Texas Entrepreneurs Network, we have focused Startups to help start-up capital to collect. The TEN Funding Portal exists since 8 years and has already collected more than $350 million dollars in start-up capital for Startups.

Originally, the company was founded in the year 2006 as the Central Texas Angel Network. Since then, the organization has made a name for itself as America’s most active capital Fund and more than $82 million dollars in 142 different companies.

Venture capital in America

Texas currently has more than 4000 early – stage and growth companies. TEN Capital created detailed analyses, to update the progress of sales and product development of the company.

Remarkable Blockchain-technology company from Texas:Factom (FCT), Omni Layer (OMNI), Multicoin Capital (n/a), and Austin Bitcoin (n/a).

The competition is growing between traditional capital funds in the Blockchain area, and crypto currencies to expand, and exchanges such as Coinbase, which risk capital platforms have added.

Crowdfunding is the origin point of the competition, the ICOs were able to obtain in a simple manner, money funds, without having to go through the process of building relationships or of the payment of Seed funding. The advantages of risk capital, access to consultants and with a company such as TEN Capital, huge amounts of useful data.

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