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Ripple (XRP) – rate analysis KW16 – After the Rally is before the Rally

cfbbec4c332d6b452795a2e575e9ee1a - Ripple (XRP) - rate analysis KW16 - After the Rally is before the Rally

Like all other crypto-currencies also Ripple through the Rally at 12. April growth. In addition, the course has experienced since the 19th century. April another Pump that could lift the course, in the meantime, to 0.69 euros.


  • The Ripple rate is increased this week.
  • After a Pump on the 12. April the course on exponential lubricant has lifted values EMA50 and EMA100, could a second Pump 19. April this the 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Level.
  • Overall, the evaluation is rather bullish. Currently, the price is struggling against a Resistance at 0.70 euros, the next significant Resistance is at 0.77 Euro. The most important Support lies at 0.63 euros.

Ripple draws again! Much like the other crypto-Ripple could currencies on the 12. April exchange gains to be recorded. The price then moved for a few days sideways and tested by the 38.2 percent Fibonacci Retracement Level, as described Resistance. The Fibonacci Retracement is based on the rate of development between the 5. March and 9. April defined. 19. April, possibly fueled by the rather sobering Updates to the Paypal Policy, continued to Ripple for a second Rally and raised the price to EUR 0.69. Currently, the price moved to the 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Level.

The MACD (second Panel from top), reason to hope for a further price increase: He is positive and increasing. The MACD line (blue) is according to the Signal (orange).

The RSI is at 81, and is thus strongly overbought.

Overall, the Situation according to price, Trend and indicators more bullish estimate. It remains to be seen whether the Overbought ends in a sharp Reversal. You take the Situation to the 13. April as an orientation, one should not expect a dramatic price fall to the consolidation is possible.

Support and Resistance

The first Support is located at 0.63 euros and by the 50-percent Fibonacci Retracement Level described. Another important support level defined by the 38.2-percent Fibonacci Retracement Level at 0.57 euros, which is currently approximately at the height of the since 11. April followed upward trends.

The first Resistance is slightly above the 61.8-percent Fibonacci Retracement Level at 0.70 euros. The course should overcome this Level, would find additional Resistance at the 78,6% Fibonacci Retracement Level at 0.77 Euro.

Entry points, Stop Losses and Targets

The overbought RSI does not recommend a simple Long-Go. It is, rather, the consolidation is to be seen and to the benefit of a subsequent breakthrough of the Resistance at 0.70 Euro as the entry point. Stop would be a Loss, then the 61.8-percent Fibonacci Retracement Level at 0.69 euros and the first Target at 0.77 Euro.

The price should fall lower, the specified Support to the observed Level. The course can be applied to this bounce, that would be a reason for a Long Position with a Stop Loss at the tested Support, and Targets at the specified Resistances.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

Images on the Basis of data from at 11:30 a.m. on the 20. April created. For a deeper understanding of the concepts of a course analysis is on the Link referenced

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