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Ripple to the Moon: 100% price increase within 24 hours

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The Ripple (XRP) exchange rate doubled within the last 24 hours, almost 100% of formerly 0.2167€ 0.4141€ and high reached a new all-time high. Another cryptocurrency of the Top 10 put within the last 7 days of a Rally, which leads to more than a doubling of the price.

Ripple is often and also permanently represented in the media, however, it could be until yesterday, never the Resistance Level of 0.34 Euro break through this hurdle seems to be now taken. The results of the last Meeting and meetings of the Ripple Company, for example, the Swell-conference, led to a short-term outlier of the price up. It is a correction and the sideways Trend has continued, however, was carried out promptly.

The Ripple price has stabilized now at just 0.40 Euro. The market capitalization increases to a total of 15,418,721,473.00 Euo and occupies now the place of 4 in front of Litecoin and IOTA. Whether the course over the long term at this level or even takes a run up for a further rise, will show the next few days.

According to the international press, some banks in Japan and South Korea have started to Ripple as a test payment. This allows faster transactions to be realized, and up to 30% of the cost can be saved. In 61 banks that are part of this experiment. If everything is successful, you could go to the first transactions next year, in the spring of 2018. The test phase for the time being, until the 31.01.2018.

Furthermore, Miguel Vias (Head of XRP Markets), explains the Usecase of Ripple on the “Trade Desk: Advancing the Asset” in detail, and the media:

In addition, Ripple has published a very interesting graphic, which shows that Ripple probably by far the fastest Kryptowähurng is currently.

On 07.12.2017 Ripple has announced that the Initially-promised 55 billion Ripple are secured in a trust account, in order to ensure each time that the network is working in case of an emergency. It is precisely this promise has now been redeemed.

The current development shows that the use of the Ripple tokens as a means of payment, it absorbs so slow travel.

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