PEC Zwolle will be ‘small Cockpit’ create extension stadium

166230b7ad8bd172efa35cca0a8b6dc8 - PEC Zwolle will be 'small Cockpit' create extension stadium

PEC Zwolle is the MAC3PARK Stadium next summer to expand from 13.250 to veerienduizend places, as the club announced on Thursday. The cup winner of 2014 wants to the stadium this atmospheric.

A previously added stand to the long side behind one of the goals set, allowing the stand to the long side is completely developed.

“The so-called Stentor-tribune which is now still on the long side, for the Klaas Drost-tribune. We want a kind of ‘small Cockpit’ go create, where supporters very close to the field”, refers PEC-president Adriaan Visser, the stadium of Feyenoord.

“By the rising number of spectators in recent seasons, resulted in the need for the MAC3PARK Stadium even further. More and more people from the region of Zwolle to know the club, so the current capacity is no longer sufficient.”

Angler rejoices in the stands that close on the field will stand. “I think it’s great that the home down is extended. This ensures that the atmosphere in the stadium, but also on for example the television, continue to increase.”

PEC plays since 2007 in the stadium, which started with a capacity of ten thousand places. In the years that followed, the shelter expanded.

Hybrid grass

In January of this year, was PEC already known that it is in 2021 or 2022 switch from artificial turf to hybrid grass, as a “guide to the Dutch football”. A hybrid turf for about 90 per cent of natural grass, supplemented with artificial grass.

PEC plays since the return in the Eredivisie in the 2012/2013 season on the criticized artificial turf. Last summer there was a new mat laid out in the MAC3PARK Stadium.

Under coach John van ‘t schip is PEC have been working on a mixed season. The Zwolle did before the winter break, excellent, but also perform in 2018 dramatically.

The club is eighth in the Premier league and fights that still have to participate in the play-offs for European football. PEC is playing this season at home against Willem II and against bekerfinalist AZ.

Angler: ,,We want the Fred Patrick stand all the way down to build. We are currently on 13.250 places. Our stadium will be extended to 14,000 places.” #peczwolle


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09:16 – april 20, 2018

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