“One decision can life of an arbitrator to completely change’

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The videoarbiter (VAR) must be everywhere in the football world soon to be introduced to the profession of referee.

In the Netherlands the videoref used regularly.

Now referees after an error, often reviled in the media and that must stop, Massimo Shot, director scheidsrechterszaken of FIFA in an interview with Reuters.

“A referee may be 89 minutes long, and the best of the world. Then he makes one mistake and he is finished. To understand what a referee does, would everyone agree once, have to try,” said Shot, which was itself fifteen year matches led. “One wrong decision can make the life of a referee change completely. That would not more so. VAR can this kind of moments.”

Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA, was baptized Tuesday still critical of the system that at the next world cup in Russia is used. The Slovenian will find that VAR is better developed and for that referees must first practice before they practice with the videoref.

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