Nicky Romero about Avicii: ’Everyone hopes that it is not a suicide’

9c6fbf348905d0d7b216434e04e554b4 - Nicky Romero about Avicii: ’Everyone hopes that it is not a suicide’

Also, Nicky Romero has no idea that Avicii Friday has died. The Dutch dj collaborated with the Swedish dj together on new material.

“Everyone hopes that it is not a suicide,” said Nicky with RTL about the death of his friend and colleague Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii. “Of course it is very crazy to hope to have when someone dies, but I hope that it is not his own choice.”

Bergling struggled with serious health problems are often the result of excessive alcohol consumption. In 2014, he collapsed, and he ended up in the hospital, where his gall bladder and appendix were removed. “I hope that it is a sort of course it was, instead of that he himself chose,” said Nicky.


Or the songs where he and Avicii worked on and released going to be, is the question. One song is for Nicky very special: Heaven, a collaboration with Coldplay singer Chris Martin. “It’s also about to die and go to heaven.” When in the program a clip of the song was shot, got Nicky tears in his eyes.

The Dutchman said “very thankful” that he has the privilege of working with Avicii. The two scored in the 2012 international hit with I Could Be The One. “I have thanks to him the opportunity to continue to grow. I owe a lot to this boy, as a friend, but also as a musician.”

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