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New Amazon-Patent – the beginning of a data octopus for Bitcoin transactions?

a8fa09d6f6405acd95f8b5c93f62d674 - New Amazon-Patent – the beginning of a data octopus for Bitcoin transactions?

Amazon has got a Patent approved that allows the company via a data marketplace data streams merge and track. Including Bitcoin transactions.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on may 17. April the Patent of the Amazon subsidiary Amazon Technologies, Inc. approved.

Bitcoin transactions and shipping addresses – all of a sudden assigned

With the help of the patent, you can set data streams in the relationship, and the merged data streams in the Form of a subscription sale. In the patent application for Bitcoin transactions have been named twice as an example.

Online traders, Bitcoin transactions, accept, have, in most cases, the corresponding transit addresses. It is possible to combine the data of the dealer and to publish this as a joint data set consists then. Telecommunications providers will have the opportunity to provide the Whole with the IP addresses to the addresses of the transactions to their countries of origin. Government authorities, in turn, can bring this data with control data to identify the transaction participants.

Law-enforcement authorities as a potential customer of Amazon

The second named example, explain how law enforcement agencies can obtain data to global Bitcoin transactions, which can establish a connection between Online and Offline addresses.

Law enforcement authorities in the rule are also of interest in the data sets. These, however, have any specific desires. For example, you want to are no additional extensions available, such as Bank records, but only specific transaction data. The adjusted data sets are then billed according to Gigabyte and the authority may make, with the help of analysis tools evaluations.

Possible Consequences

This application ultimately creates both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it is possible for offenders to get to the bottom of this. On the other hand, one goes a further step in the direction of “glass” man.

Whether Amazon currencies to Crypto as a common means of payment will allow, is still questionable. It might be worth it, however, should make use of the subsidiary, the facilities of the patent and the data to monetize. In the past year, there was already a Petition asking Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin. This has not yet led to a change.

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