Natalie Portman says award ceremony Israel

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Natalie Portman has decided a prize that they in Israel do not receive to pick up. According to the organization of the Genesis Prize did the actress that, for political reasons.

Natalie Portman

In november it was announced that Portman was chosen for the award, which annually goes to ” extraordinary individuals who are an inspiration for the next generation of jews, because of their outstanding professional performance and dedication to the jewish values and the jewish people.” At the time, said the hollywood actor, who in Jerusalem was born, still grateful.

The organisation of the prices dropped Thursday to know that the actress has dropped out for the ceremony. “We are saddened that ms. Portman has decided for political reasons not present at the Genesis Prize ceremony. We are afraid that its decision ensures that our philanthropic organization, a political character, something that we the last five, hard years have tried to avoid.”

A spokesman for the actress wanted to opposite The Hollywood Reporter did not respond to the question.

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