Milestone: ETA apologizes

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MADRID – The Basque terreurbeweging ETA Friday apologized to her victims and their next of kin for half a century, that they violently fought for an independent state in the north of Spain.

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ETA members called in 2011 to stop the armed struggle.

The excuses come for the expected abolition of the movement, which a year ago all her struggles to resist by arms and explosives. This brought an end to the last armed uprising in Western Europe.

“We are aware that, during the long period of armed struggle have a lot of pain caused and much damage, for which no solution is. We show respect to the dead, the wounded and the victims of the actions of the ETA. We are sorry, really very,” said the group in the Basque newspaper Gara.

In 1959 began the movement Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (Basque country and Freedom), her struggle as a peaceful movement. That was in the first instance directed against the destruction of the Basque culture under Franco. But in the sixties, it was the battle grim, and went to ETA to armed struggle. The first dead fell in 1968 when the head of the Basque secret police was murdered.

The purpose of the ETA is changed in a radical separation of Basque country from the rest of Spain. After 1975, when Franco died, suffered the most fatalities: a total of 829. In 2011, the ETA has already unilaterally a truce. Since there were no attacks.

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