Migrantenstroom via river Greece grows

5f7b4ec766db04fe998e8148f8151117 - Migrantenstroom via river Greece grows

ATHENS – more and more refugees withdraw from Turkey through the river Evros, Greece. “From march of more than 1,000 people had crossed the river”, warns the Red Cross. The organisation states that it last week went to more than a hundred people per day.

The crossing of the river can, according to the Red Cross a perilous undertaking. “A lot of people who risk the crossing don’t have as much experience with swimming,” explains a spokeswoman. They can not say whether victims have fallen at the crossing.

’Total overload’

The Red Cross expects that, in time, even more people will try to cross the river, because the water level drops in the summer. Refugees who so Greece is going in, waiting yet another problem. The most nearest centre where migrants can register is “totally overloaded”.

People, after crossing the river you need medical attention, must, in addition, tens of kilometres in travel. “From this area is the 35-kilometre walk to the nearest clinic, the nearest hospital is 150 km from this place,” according to the Red Cross.

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