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Live video of the whole planet

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Live streaming is hot. Gamers do it and now also wants the planet earth to start. With money from Bill Gates.

A live video stream of the planet earth. The entire planet earth. That is what EarthNow promises. And in the long term you will that images also can view on your smartphone, though they are especially intended …

A live video stream of the planet earth. The entire planet earth. That is what EarthNow promises. And in the long term you will that images also can view on your smartphone, though they are especially intended for (perhaps expensive paying) companies and governments.

How the company that exactly going to do, is not yet clear – on the website of EarthNow is very little information. But some pundits believe there is a clear in. Wednesday, the company announced that a group of prestigious investors it has attracted. The biggest name to Bill Gates,

until recently, the richest man in the world (Jeff Bezos of Amazon put it recently passed). Also Greg Wyler of OneWeb, the organization which is internet access for everyone in the world via satellite, puts money into the initiative, just as Airbus and the Japanese technology group Softbank. EarthNow would use technology for OneWeb is developed. Airbus is going the satellites for EarthNow building in Toulouse and Florida.

Google Earth

According to EarthNow itself is a huge step forward: photos and sometimes short video clips with minutes (and sometimes days) of delay to be forwarded, to live video.

Will you be a type of Google Earth app with live images of your holiday destination or your own backyard? Yes, that suggests a release of EarthNow. The wants video images of the earth available for the mass market, ” says ceo Russell Hannigan in a press release. “We look forward to providing everyone a beautiful, real-time window on the world from space’.

On something shorter term (but when exactly, is there not) want to EarthNow are offering services to governments and businesses. Against considerable payment presumably. ‘EarthNow is ambitious and unprecedented,

but the goal is simple: we want you to be the earth in real time can see, ” says Hannigan. ‘The earth, live and unfiltered, to see and understand, will help us to make our only home a better value and better for sure.’

‘That is all very ambitious, ” says Steven Crickets, unite manager remote sensing at Vito. Which Flemish research institution, to do all 20 years satellietobservaties, including for agriculture. On their website, they are not clear about what they already have, and what they still need to develop. So I’m curious how fast they’ll get there, if they’re there though.’


The website of EarthNow indeed raises particular questions. How many satellites will it launch? When? How high circling above the earth? How sharp will the movie be? It’s all there.

Though we do find some hints. EarthNow says that you the images and more will be able to use to illegally fish to detect and to facilitate the migration of whales to follow. Therefore, an object of the size of a fishing boat or a whale, would are visible in the images. You could also get hurricanes and forest fires, and volcanoes erupt.

According to Steven Crickets see we currently have a massive flowering of commercial space exploration projects. That satellites are getting smaller, gets the cost down and makes new applications possible, says Crickets. With the European Copernicus satellites, Crickets, happy that he to the five days a photo can get with a resolution of 20 metres. “All you can commercial also all images with a resolution of 40 cm’.

Occasional photo pass on live images, it makes other applications possible, says Crickets. If a ship has oil discharge, and that happens just between two satellite photos, you have no proof.

Spy in the sky?

But it is also possible for a company or a government, for example, your car for weeks to follow, and – who knows – even to zoom in to see who is travelling? With regard to the possible consequences for our privacy, is the website very briefly. In the list of “Frequently Asked Questions” on the site with the question, “How do you respond to concerns about privacy?” only the answer ” Privacy is fundamental to EarthNow.

We will have a Chief Privacy Officer in the service record that ensures that we not only the privacy act, respect in the regions where we are active, but also the privacy of the community respect. We will work closely with governments and the general public in order to provide answers to questions about privacy, while images of the earth, offering the benefit of humanity and our planet.” Yeah.

Another company, the British Earth-i, also want to video shoot from the space, but puts the emphasis rather on image quality (and therefore not continuous live images). Earth-i, launched in January its first satellite, and showed this week’s first images. Then you can see individual cars on the road. The satellite, in an orbit at 500 km altitude, films to two-minute video that, over time, so sharp will be the fact that your objects are of 60 inches.

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