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“Lewis Hamilton will fight back!”

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Lewis Hamilton may not the best start of the new F1-season experience, according to former team-mate Nico Rosberg should have been competitors on their guard and as much as possible to take advantage of.

In 2016, it won Nico Rosberg his first and only world title. The German took the when in a direct battle with team-mate Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg knows like no other how the battle with Hamilton should engage in.

According to Rosberg must be the competitors of Hamilton as much as possible to take advantage while Hamilton is not in his element feels. The Brit will, according to Rosberg, after all, fighting back and than is Hamilton, according to him, at his most dangerous.

“When it’s not perfect runs then he starts his focus and motivation in what to lose and then he experiences some problems,” said the German. “These are the races that you get maximum benefit.”

“Lewis will always be back. When he returns, he is usually so strongly that he was almost unbeatable.”

By the collision between Verstappen and world championship leader Sebastian Vettel is Hamilton, despite his lower levels of performance on only nine points from the German.

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