Horror in the Movies & Series Pass: The Neon Demon

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In the mood for a dose of horror? ‘The Neon Demon’ Nicolas Winding Refn is exactly what you are looking for! Now to watch the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

‘The Neon Demon’ is a horrorthriller of Danish talent Nicolas Winding Refn, who had previously been in ‘Drive’ and ‘Only God Forgives’ made.

We follow Jesse, a aspirerend model that, like thousands of other girls – her chance decide to venture in Los Angeles. Arrived there, she meets a lot of strange people (including Keanu Reeves as a rather strange moteleigenaar). Its youthfulness and vitality are also devoured by women who are obsessed with beauty and everything to get what Jesse has.

A fascinating, dark and visually impressive film about the emptiness of the modeling world, with a strong Elle Fanning in the lead role. In the cast you’ll see more Keanu Reeves, Karl Glusman, Christina Hendricks and Jena Malone.

‘The NeonDemon’ is now available to view with the Movies & Series Pass Proximus TV!

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