Ghent Pheifer works best with men

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Actress Ghent Pheifer works better with male than female colleagues. “I’m just fond of men”, tells the actress in the newspaper. “Preferably, I have zero women around me. Nice and quiet, no underhanded thing.”

Ghent Pheifer

At home in Haarlem and amsterdam, Ghent Pheifer (40) is also the only woman, with her husband, actor René van Zinnicq Bergmann, and their two sons William (11) and Douwe (8). “Our mannenhuishouden pleases me very much, although I find it sometimes a pity that boys always make so much noise. Of that jongensgeluiden, you know that? My sister and I were used to hours of quiet at the table to draw. In the us, there is never anyone to tinker with glitterstickers. I miss that sometimes.”

Ghent starts at The National Theatre and opt for a freelancebestaan. “The scene is quite labour-intensive, I’m far from home. I want my own time to organize and have a maximum of one tour per year. There are still so many other fun places in the world, so many directors, filmmakers, tv series.”

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