Finnish experiment, basic income is discontinued

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In 2018, had the experiment around a basic income for unemployed Finns should be extended. Instead, the end of it announced.

By the end of 2016 fell to two thousand Finnish unemployed a special surprise in the mail: from 2017 they would be two years every month, 560 euro. Just like that, without obligations. They were randomly selected for an experiment with a basic income. The Finnish government wanted to try or the employment traps of the nation’s social security could avoid, and whether they are more people to the labour market could provoke.

But after barely a year in silence decides to take the experiment at the end of 2019 to stop. Legislators go looking for an other way to get more wealth. “We will take away from the system of a basic income,” says Miska Simanainen, researcher for the Finnish social security, to the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

The original intention was however to the experiment in 2018, to extend to non-unemployed. That that didn’t happen, Simanainen disappointing. However, according to him, demonstrated that participants significantly less stress experienced when the payments started. “But the experiment has not lasted long enough to draw definitive conclusions.’

The Finnish Finance minister Petteri Orpo has reportedly been a vervangproject in mind, inspired by the British system of ‘universal credit’. It is a need of financial support to cost of living.

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