ETA says for the first time ‘sorry’

c33daaa53d5769efd38a9cd6f524e2b8 - ETA says for the first time ‘sorry’

The Basque separatist movement ETA acknowledges the suffering that she had during her struggle for independence has caused and ask forgiveness to all her victims. That is stated in a statement that Friday was published in the Basque newspaper Gara.

“We have a lot of suffering and irreparable damage caused. We want to show respect to the dead, the wounded and victims of the actions of the ETA… We regret sincerely’, is the under more in the text. The announcement comes after Spanish media has reported that the separatist movement during the first weekend of may, its formal dissolution would announce.

Also the Friday communication seems to have that intention to refer. ‘ETA wants with this statement of the damages to acknowledge that they during its armed route has passed, and its commitment to provide permanently the consequences of the conflicts to overcome, and prevent it to recur.’

It is however striking that ETA is in the communication in the first place, excuses to ‘citizens ‘ without responsibility’ who were victims of attacks. The actions of the organization were primarily directed against the police and against employees of the government.

The ETA fought almost half a century for an independent Basque state in Northern Spain and Southern France. At about 4.000 attacks were more than 800 people. In 2011, swore to the ETA violence. Since then, the organization has no attacks are executed.

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