Drunk mayor is moving on

24b0762ec886f943721a0cc1e4074825 - Drunk mayor is moving on

BRAKEL – The Flemish mayor Stefaan Devleeschouwer of the municipality of Brakel is left after he was involved in hit in a traffic accident leaving a 35-year-old dakwerker injuries hit. The mayor proved to be too deep in the glass to have looked at, according to Belgian media.

Stefaan Devleeschouwer (right, front in suit) on archive view.

The incident happened in the neighbouring Sint-Maria-Lierde. Devleeschouwer reed the man, but it is not clear whether the victim in his car was sitting or standing. The dakwerker was in critical condition to the hospital in Gent, but is now out of danger.

There is now searched for a successor for Devleeschouwer.

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