Doutzen Kroes ‘should be just’ a lot of flies

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With all the flights that the model is the ecological footprint of Doutzen Kroes probably greater than that of the average Dutchman, but does the top its best to reduce them.

“We take soon an electric car, but that is in Amsterdam is still very difficult,” says the 33-year-old model Friday morning on Radio 1. She finds that the city is ‘very little’ charging points. “That is not enough supported.”

For her work, she flies the world about, but don’t want it to stop. “You can’t life. I may be in a hut on the moor live, but then I have known no more.” And that reputation has the model you need to people to convey how important nature and the environment. They do this via various foundations and organisations.

“I agree with everyone that flying is tremendously harmful to the environment and I would of course prefer a lot less to do, but you need that balance. But if the balance is good… It should be well lit.” Kroes, who alternately in Amsterdam and New York live, does her best on the set of photo shoots as aware as possible with the environment to go.

“I’ll try my own bottle to bring my own cup. We should stop with the image that if I only do, then it goes to make no difference. But if you do and people see that, things change.”

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