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Brave-Browser dares the first steps in the direction of the Mainstream

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The Brave Browser, and the Dow Jones Media Group announce a partnership. Two publications, Barron’s and MarketWatch, will be listed as a result as a verified publisher in the Brave-Browser and can use its functions. Brave users will receive through the cooperation with Premium Content.

Brave hits on the Dow Jones

The Brave Browser is a project of the former Mozilla co-founder and inventor of JavaScript, Brendan Eich, and Brian Bondy (Khan Academy and Mozilla). The Browser has natively installed an Ad-Blocker and also prevents the Tracking of Online traffic. The Other exists in the web browser, a crypto-currency: the Basic Attention-Token (short BAT). With this Token, the Brave can reward users convenient and, optionally, content Creator. The goal is to protect the privacy of consumers, and to still pay the publisher for the work.

The Dow Jones Media Group was established in the year of 2016, established and leads a Portfolio of leading financial and luxury brands. Including the financial magazine Barron’s and MarketWatch. Self is part of the Dow Jones Media Group to Dow Jones, part of Rupert Murdoch-run News Corporation .

One Hand washes the other

Brave and the Dow Jones Media Group have agreed on a partnership. This Brave will provide the users access to Premium content from Barron’s and MarketWatch. In addition, both brand names are listed as the verified publisher in the BAT platform.

The partnership is testing an innovative, blockchain-based distribution facilities. The Brave Browser, can benefit from the established brands and gaining legitimacy for other products. This legitimacy is important, especially in view of the critical Position of large publishers in the year 2016. On the other hand, the Dow Jones Media Group gains early insight into the emerging Blockchain-Space. If the experiments are successful, could be quickly followed by further publications of the umbrella brand.

Thus, the partnership for the benefit of both parties and marks an important step for the Mainstream adaptation of the Blockchain technology.

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