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Brave Browser (BAT) is collaborating with Dow Jones Media Group

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The Brave Browser, the Team gave the 18. April 2018 known that the Dow Jones Media Group will use your Software as a new Medium for the Premium content, Barron’s, and MarketWatch, to test Blockchain technology and payments with BAT Tokens for services and advertising.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is an Open Source Browser with an associated ERC-20 tokens by the name of BAT. It was developed with Chromium, the Raw Open-Source platform has been developed with which the Google Chrome Browser.

The company behind Brave Browser , is Brave Software and was on 28. May 2015, by Brendan Eich, and Brian Bondy founded. Brendan is the co-founder of Mozilla. He is known for his view that Internet users and their data should not be in the eternal fight against advertisers are the losers.

Brave was developed against advertising pop-UPS, normal advertising and Web Tracker for superior performance.

Gate Tabs!

Brendan tweeted recently that Brave gate Tabs will integrate. Tor is an anonymous Browser, which removes the location and Internet history of the user completely. The Tor Browser was released in the year 2002 by the Tor Project. Prior to that, the Name of the browser, The Onion Router, hence the Name T. O. R. comes

The anonymous function works by having the Internet traffic of the user is managed by a world-wide voluntary Overlay network. This means that your data could be guided by more than 7000 different levels, what is the tracing power of your data almost impossible.

This feature distinguishes the Brave from the other browsers in unprecedented ways. The crypto-currency represents Brave’s digital advertising platform.

It will run natively in the Browser, in order to be a bridge between publishers, advertisers and users exchanged advertising, but can be in any other Browser or in any other mobile App implemented.

The project operates as an independent company, and led his own ICO. Pantera Capital and Founders Fund are some of the companies involved.

Reward program

Brave is making great efforts to make its Browser through a rewards program more valuable and more useful:

“Today we will distribute the first part of our multi-Million dollar referral program to Online publishers and Content Creators. Brave will pay off in the Form of a BAT on a monthly Basis.

Barron’s and MarketWatch

Dow Jones Media Group is the best for The Wall Street Journal is known. The Organisation holds a Portfolio consisting of leading financial and luxury brands, such as, for example, Barron’s, MarketWatch, Mansion, Global and Financial News.

With this action Down Jones Media Group is trying to engage, obviously, the younger Generation closer to throw instead of just continue to of money to advertisers. In 2017, the organization started Moneyish, to emulate a younger voice.

Barron’s is one of the oldest and most trusted sources for financial information and analysis in America. The publication offers in-depth insights into the proposed topics.

MarketWatch was founded in 1997 and is focused on accurate and concise financial information and real-time price-gift of investments.

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