Bizarre claim to the legacy of 9/11 dead

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New York – A feud over the inheritance of the wealthy stock trader Michael Morgan Taylor who died during 9/11 has to a bizarre ruling by the judge led.

Gwendolyn with her 24-year-old son, Austin, who was the son of a 9/11 fallen stock trader would be

Gwendolyn Philips claims that her now 24-year-old son, Austin, was an illegitimate child of Michael. He would therefore be the legacy of at least a million dollars must be reused.

A judge in New York has now decided that the remains of Taylor to be exhumed and tested for DNA.

The 55-year-old sister of the stock trader, Mary Crenshaw, is furious about the grafschending and says that this is just old wounds are ripped open, writes the New York Post. Crenshaw says that her brother and Gwendolyn quite a while relationship. But from a child she has never known.

Gwendolyn is in the Post described as a woman who is Lady Gwen the Ashborough calls. The now 57-year-old woman was in the prison. Also she says world champion polo player.

According to the (black) mother of Austin wanted the white Taylor the child does not recognize because he was ashamed for him.

The sister of the stock trader is angry that the woman was fourteen years after it occurred suddenly with the claim. The court has doubts the story, because the mother had around the birth also for a number of times said that Michael Morgan Taylor, the father would be.

The lawyer of the Taylor family makes mincemeat of the claim. “There is a special place in hell for people like ms. Philips. It is bad enough that the Taylors he son are lost in a terrorist attack. They are now terrorized”.

If the stock trader indeed is the father, there are still new lawsuits which will have to prove that he at the time acknowledged that the child was his own.

Taylor was 42-years old when he died in the 9/11 tragedy in New York. Austin was eight years old.

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