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Bitcoin Unlimited: 32 MB Block Hard Fork for Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin Unlimited, the Full-Node implementation for Bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash, has on 17. April the Software for an upcoming Hard Fork is released. This non-backward-compatible Change in the consensus rules to allow, among other things, blocks up to a size of 32 megabytes. What still lies on the Bitcoin to Cash Roadmap?

Bitcoin Cash of the Bitcoin Blockchain sprang on 1. August 2017 through a Hard Fork. It was the result of a year-long discussion about the scaling possibilities of the digital Golds. Bitcoin Unlimited represented already at that time the opinion, that the Miner should determine the block size. The original Hard Fork in August of 2017, raised the block size to 8 megabytes. Now a new Hard Fork for Bitcoin Cash follows with some novelties.

More applications for Bitcoin Cash

While Bitcoin with the Lapps (Lightning Apps) are gaining in functionality, Bitcoin, Cash even still. The Toolkit of the “Bitbox” is intended to simplify the programming of Apps.

“SUPERCHARGE your Bitcoin to Cash workflow”

is the Mantra of the developer tool. With Bitbox, a user can create, for example, easy Paper Wallets and a lot of the actions by clicking perform.

With a view to the next Hard Fork on may 15. May held Bitbox two Hackathons – one in the 21. April and on the day of the Hard Fork, the 15. May. The Open Source Toolkit Bitbox takes Bitcoin-Cash-programmers work. In addition, the upcoming Hard Fork to allow applications such as donate-Apps, games, and a Mobile App for the MemoBCH Protocol. Consequently, the developer Carlos Cardona hopes to accelerate the Innovation in the Bitcoin-to-Cash Ecosystem. The prize money for first place in the Hackathon is 4 BCH, nearly 4,000 euros.

“I like Big Block and I cannot lie”

With the Hard Fork Bitcoin approaches Unlimited the dream of unlimited block size. Because the original block size of 1 MB, has increased by a factor of 32. The crypto Community is not in agreement about the usefulness of the scaling solution. In contrast, this is for Bitcoin-to-Cash representative as Roger Ver out of the question.

Who would like to participate in the Hard Fork, it needs 15 to. May his Bitcoin Cash Software update. The Software is already available for Download. So that all Bitcoin-to-Cash users should have plenty of time for the Update.

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