Belgian millionaire denies acquisition of Roda JC

c6100d307098b749ef9525047388b990 - Belgian millionaire denies acquisition of Roda JC

The Belgian millionaire Bart Verhaeghe denies that he is interested to Roda JC to take over.

Bart Verhaeghe

In a response to the Belgian newspapers het Nieuwsblad and The Latest News gives the owner of Club Brugge and that he with the Limburg club has spoken. “We have Roda JC talked such as we with a lot of clubs talk. We have thoughts exchanged on a cooperation, the structure of the club and the possible places of talents from Club Brugge to Roda JC. But there is never spoken about an acquisition.”

In recent days circulated the name of Verhaeghe around the Parkstad Limburg Stadium. He would be the full block of shares of Frits Schrouff want to take over, so people knew the different media already have to report. Verhaeghe: “There is no question of flows of Club Brugge, or of me personally to Roda. I’m concerned with me to my club, Club Brugge.”

Another candidate for the acquisition of Roda JC is still the Russian-Swiss millionaire Aleksei Korotaev. As a final acquittal in the case against Korotaev still a month wait, it seems the patience of Schrouff for him to continue to talk to.

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