Barbie in conversation with Kim Holland

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Now Samantha de Jong (Barbie) and her friend Rolf Tangel the last time several times the media have taken of racy private videos, having the two decided to some extra money want to earn money with these exciting movies. The duo is in conversation with Kim Holland Productions about a possible collaboration.

Samantha de Jong

According to Kim Holland have Barbie (28) and Rolf (37) a month ago for the first time contacted its production company. Itself, she was not present at the first meeting, but her business partner Ruud. “He explained afterwards that it was a very pleasant conversation, in which the opportunities for a possible career in the pornoindustrie were extensively discussed,” says Kim to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. There are still no final agreements have been made. “They wanted to have some time for reflection, but had, as they suggested, between their ears is actually a positive decision.”

Kim Holland worked in the past, often with Rolf and hopes that they will also have Barbie to her stable can count. “I have the hot movies of Barbie and her friend seen and there is definitely a market for those two together or Samantha or Rolf.” Holland is convinced that Barbie is suitable for the work. “She keeps to herself, can play with cameras and other things, has a challenging look and, I think, is really crazy about sex. I have her coming already discussed with the other ladies who work for me. Who are united in their opinion: let Barbie but come.”

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