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An uppercut Arcade Fire

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An uppercut Arcade Fire

April 20, 2018 at 05:23 pm


Inge Schelstraete

Arcade Fire was in the Sportpaleis heartwarming, energetic and a bit cocky: no’t one bit regret we had that we are on such a beautiful evening had been.

Only al – ‘Ready to start’, just about half of the performance, was the price of the concertticket. Win Butler just had ‘The suburbs (continued)’ softly sung, when the metallic guitar …

Only al – ‘Ready to start’, just about half of the performance, was the price of the concertticket. Win Butler just had ‘The suburbs (continued)’ softly sung, when the metallic guitar the serene atmosphere to pieces jengelde, and Regine Chassagne, and Jeremy Gara’s drums to irresponsible speeds aanjakkerden (the Sting is finally in the built-up areas). To it again perfect to slow down and again to pick up. And every time it accelerated our hearts. That will be bad for the health, but we were ecstatic to be grinning afterwards.

It was everything the Arcade Fire and the effort makes: that almost religious enthusiasm, sad texts under frenzied dance music, do things that other bands too naive or not cool enough. Such as the song that followed, ‘Sprawl II (Mountains beyond mountains)’: actually, that’s a children’s disco, and Chassagne sings constantly just a bit too high, and the text goes on to work in a factory but dreams of the lights of the city. It is also a great song. And a crowd pleaser, though it is never a single released.

Boxing ring

Arcade Fire has ever ten stars out of five given in this paper. So storm the gates of heaven, they were in Antwerp. They were strong in the ring, stepped on, what you are literally allowed to take the stage was a boxing ring in the middle of the Sportpaleis, the nine musicians walked through the audience to go if they were heavyweight champions were announced.

They would like to, we thought just for the peace-loving softies us a uppercut sold with ‘Everything now’, and then another one with ‘Rebellion lies’ by the audience was welcomed like a long lost friend. The sound was still not quite a moustache, the violinist had a hard but inaudible to work. ‘Here comes the night time’ was also not really after those fast songs; a place of rest came too early. And then came the ‘Peter Pan’, a song from the new album, which we usually skip, what we now also like had done. Chassagne combined, however, her hip keytar with a potential modulator with which they have the keys with her mouth in meeuwengeluidjes could change.

Movie stars

But Arcade Fire has on a setlist also ‘No cars go’, ‘Electric blue’ and ‘Put your money on me”, songs that are the best of disco combined with the urgentste of indie-rock. And sometimes succeed in their artistic experiments. The less well known “Rococo”, drew us in a few minutes time, for example, by a whole range of emotions: keys swelled sad, bells were ringing for the drums invielen, and the nine members sang as a choir. On the screens above the ring, we saw Chassagne meanwhile, in close-up with lowered eyes, her husband Win Butler, in profile behind her. It was perfectly directed, a mini-movie that stadiongrootte was visible.

Because Arcade Fire is, after years a well-kept secret, a stadiongroep, with the associated production of the light show, with light beams running from the stage the hall instraalden, for example, was beautiful. Not all fans of the first hour to find that scaling-up fine, but we are pleased that the success is also a group to turn to fall so that you can profoundly affect and that risks can take.


But the image we carry in our head is Will Butler, even without a guitar, keys or bass tuba in his hands, which, as a crazy state to pogoën during ‘Neighborhood # 1 (Tunnels) ” while he turns a tambourine battering and his sweaty bangs from his eyes try to save. What a lovely group anyway. Still 118 sleep again and they are back on Pukkelpop.

Arcade Fire, Sportpaleis Antwerpen, 19 april.

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