Witness cites sexual abuse Cosby a figment

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Marguerite Jackson has during the lawsuit against Bill Cosby declared that the allegations of Andrea Constant to the address of Cosby is not correct. Constant accusing Cosby of sexual abuse but, according to Jackson, who at the same university, worked as a Constant, is that invented.

In the lawsuit against the fallen comedian was Wednesday’s turn to the witnesses of the defense. The lawyers of the fallen comedian called including Jackson.

According to Jackson she shared in 2004 a hotel room with Constant when they put together an away game of the university visited. In the room they would be a news item on television have looked over a celebrity who was suspected of abuse. Constant would then have noticed that that her also was to happen.

Jackson told that they doorvroeg, or its companion declaration had done. That would eventually have admitted that the abuse had really taken place, but that they have a lot of money would be able to earn by with a story to come out that it was.

The testimony of Jackson was not admitted by the judge at the first discussion of the case, who in June was annulled. The legal team decided the statement outside the court. Constant says that it is Jackson not to be able to recall.

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