’We are not herhaalmachine’

7304359b619d1509f34683fa444f57d2 - ’We are not herhaalmachine’

Producer Albert Verlinde denies that his company Stage Entertainment a ’herhaalmachine’. He is responding to criticism that the upcoming season will only repeat performances in the theater. The Lion King and Was signed Annie MG Schmidt go by and Mamma Mia! for the third time in twelve years, stepped up.

“We have more luck than we had expected”, explained Verlinde during a press presentation in Stockholm. “The musicalmarkt in the Netherlands has been restored. Our company is doing it all three years, better than in the previous period.”

The producer did not expect that The Lion King, the musical at the circus theater to see the third year as you could get. And also the huge success of the Annie MG Schmidt musical, had he not seen it coming. “We’re going to really follow through with the development of creative projects. But we are now in the luxepositie that we longer able to continue with the current productions than we had planned.”

New generation

The choice to Mamma Mia! after eight years back to the Netherlands to pick up, is dictated by the audience itself. “We hold regular surveys of what the public wants to see. And Mamma Mia! is with dot at the top. There is a whole generation of new audience who are mainly the film has and does not even know that it was originally a musical.”

The leading role in the new Mamma Mia! is played by Antje Monteiro. The show is starting this fall to see in the Beatrixtheater.

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