Waylon: “Sometimes you have ’bad ass’ are’

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Singer Waylon presented Wednesday in the Melkweg in Amsterdam, the road movie, The Kid, a film behind the scenes in Nashville where he recorded his songs for the new album The World Can Wait wrote.


For his new album went to Waylon back to his countryroots and he decided to Nashville. “Mostly what I’ve done, is to me to surround yourself with people who are so far into the country that it is in every case country would be. I am quite easily distracted by influences of other writers. In this case, the country, and I feel the best at. For me that was a clear choice to go back to where I once started. I’m going for a stage with 200 million viewers, you better do something you’re good at.”

’The hell of out break”

During the Eurovision song contest is Waylon for the Netherlands with the song Outlaw in ’em. That outlaw identity is important not only for the singer himself, but also for his work. “It has to do mainly with the need to have things their own way, to do and to stand for what I believe in. Sometimes people leave too quickly on him, walk and very occasionally you have the little ’bad ass’ in you get, your leg stiff hold up and say it like it is. And to stand up for what you believe in. That is not wrong. A lot of people want the peace to keep, but occasionally, you’ll need the hell of a break out. Not with violence or aggression, but with a clear statement.”

It is, according to him, do not difficult yourself to continue your own path to walk, not even in the music industry. “Most artists are expired still in a form of opportunism, making them too much of themselves go or sell too much of themselves. I have that need does not. It’s purely about the music. I don’t have a need to Polish my image.”


In the documentary Waylon clear that his music, especially meaning. “Music is so elusive. It comes the closest to magic as it already is. I think I never go to an answer will come. I never go in mind of music, like no one ever mind get music. I hope not, because then the game. I’m just a speaker. I should do what I do and I do it with conviction.”

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