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Venezuela: Satoshi Nakamoto-the price for the Petro?

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Apparently, the country has its own crypto-currency of Venezuela, has received a prize. Although the message could not be definitively confirmed, illustrates the alleged Satoshi-Nakamoto-the price is the geopolitical tension that has developed between Venezuela, Russia and the USA, by the Petro.

A message that you have to let melt on your tongue: The Russian crypto – currency and Blockchain Association gives the Satoshi-Nakamoto-Cup in the Russian World Trade Center in the Venezuelan Cryptocurrency Petro. In the framework of the international Blockchain Congress of the Russian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association (RACIB) in the 5-star Hotel “World Trade Center” in Moscow, gave the Association, apparently, the so far unknown price.

One in front: We were not able to confirm the message permanently. Whether the Russian Blockchain Association awarded the prize, but in fact, or not, the price is a reflection of the tension of the Petro. Because it opens up the dimensions of a geopolitical Verzwickung, the countries are waging on the Blockchain.

Many doubts at the Petro

At the start of the year, Venezuela’s first state of an ICO. By offering a land of their own crypto currency, tried the country the financial means to bring into the state coffers. The Petro, so the announcement was covered by the Oil reserves of the country. The amount of Petros, however, only estimates on the Oil reserves in the Land-based mentioned you rarely. Just as unconfirmed, and the details of the government, to have the ICO 735 million US dollars taken.

A short time later, rumors made the round that Russia wanted to work together with Venezuela. With the use of the Petros they wanted to improve inter-state trade, so the unconfirmed message. The fact that Venezuela wants to deal with the Petro the US-American trade sanctions, gives the history of political sensitivity. The messages should agree, is the cooperation between Venezuela and Russia is still more remarkable.

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