Twenty newborn lambs dumped in garbage bags

671a7e8de05913b730a58291858cfc8f - Twenty newborn lambs dumped in garbage bags

In the Netherlands Marum (Groningen) this week twenty newborn lambs are found dead in garbage bags. Who the animals has been killed and left behind, is not yet known.

The lambs, barely a few days old, were distributed over three garbage bags. An employee of the municipality Grootegast she found on the Leidijk.

It is not clear who the lambs are killed or left behind. It is also not clear whether the animals were already dead at the time that they have been dumped.

A few years ago, had the region been faced with a similar incident. When it turned out that a hobbyboer the lamb had left because he didn’t want to pay for the disposal of the dead animals. If that is the case now, the police must still investigate. There is certainly also looking for the origin of the garbage bags. The police are also on social media, a call signaled.

“We want to find out who is responsible for the dumping of these animals. Has anyone seen or heard anything? Or do you know someone who has a considerable number of lambs is missing?’, sounds like the police and the Ommelanden West.

There is certainly shocked reaction to the discovery. ‘Disgusting, this makes me very angry and sad”, sounds among other things. Or also: ‘What very’ or ‘What a horrible sight’.

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