Trump decries bet gardists California

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LOS ANGELES – The American president Donald Trump has angry out to the governor of California, Jerry Brown. He makes four hundred members of the national guard for the combat of cross-border crime. That will not focus on the control of illegal immigration, such as Trump wanted.

Brown let us know that the national guard focuses on cross-border drug trafficking, arms trade and human trafficking, according to the Los Angeles Times. The president replied frustrated: “Governor Brown has announced that he is “up to 400 gardists’ bet to nothing to do,” wrote Trump on Twitter. “The crime rates in California are high enough. The federal government will not pay for the sham of governor Brown. We have no words needed but grensbescherming and deeds.”

The Democrat Brown refused last week to agree to a request from the Republican Trump to members of the national guard available to allow for a stricter control on illegal immigration. The president wants this in the whole border region with Mexico with four thousand guards go to work. Brown is a fierce opponent of the strict immigration policy of Trump and of his plan to a wall on the border with Mexico to build. By guard for the approach of cross-border crime, and hoped that Brown, the president still has to meet.

Texas, Arizona and New Mexico put members of the national guard in against immigrants.

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