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To send the save droid Back Online: “Exit Scam” a message

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This Morning, the investors were confused, as they were confronted with a single image, as they tried to the official Website of save droid access. Everything was gone – there was no Countdown clock, no “Selling tokens”-counter, even the well-known face of the CEO Yassin Hankir was gone. All that was left was a Meme from South Park:

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Cries of “Exit Scam” flooded the Internet, even TechCrunch, CCN and CoinTelegraph reported.

But a few minutes ago the official Website of save droid went back online.

CEO Yassin Hankir: The ICO-the world is full of scams

If you visit the official Website of save droid, you will be greeted with a Popup with the title “And It’s Not Gone”, with the subtitle “save droid was here, is here, and will always be here”. Aaand the save droid is doing everything it can to establish high-quality ICO-Standards.“

Below the words was a Video of save droid CEO Yassin Hankir, made a statement about the seemingly most insane PR Stunt in the crypto history:

Hankir apologizes first of all for the PR-Stunt – the telegram Chanel lock to leave your office to replace your Website by way of a South Park Meme, etc. Then he goes on to present a “very important, very serious message”.

“If we look at this market, we see that so much has happened fraud, fraud from the beginning to the end of the ICO, Exit Scams everywhere, and I think what we have seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg.”

Hankir acknowledges that ICOs are a really innovative and effective way for small Startups to raise money for their companies, and that these scams in the crypto world is a threat to this unique opportunity””. He also mentioned that appropriate regulation is important in order to reduce the likelihood that these scams take place in the future:

“We need to can be establish high-quality ICO-Standards, in order for the ICO market worthy in the future, a relevant financing tool for innovative, successful, and confidence in Start-ups.

To create Savedroids role of a more secure future for the world of ICOs

Savedroids role in creating a safer future for the world of ICOs
According to Hankir save droid will work with the regulators to share their Knowledge of ICOs and to discuss how a sustainable regulation, the “practical and practicable”, can be implemented. You will also create a. ICO-check-list for investors is easily accessible to check all the ICOs and to make an informed decision about the trustworthiness of meeting of the ICO.

Save droid will also offer Stratups, which correspond to the ICO-check list professional-ICO-advice and insights to share with you, a valuable Token to build the model and to achieve a successful Token sale.

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