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The Filter bubble is the only one relevant bubble in crypto

c3924a7e57663cb4a47fe7593dca96ed - The Filter bubble is the only one relevant bubble in crypto

The Blockchain and the crypto world is full of collaborative innovation. New projects and improvements can be discovered every day. Sometimes it appears as if the predominantly positive crypto-community has developed a Filter-bubble counter-Blockchain-technologies “traditional” companies.

Filter Bubble

People filter reasons, to their environment, intelligent, or ignorant to the reality of your desire to adjust thinking. We live in a bubble, in the only that exists, what we can consciously, or unconsciously.

The Internet offers the possibility of information to create, distribute, or redesign. There is so much information available that you can’t record everything. Therefore, we have started this information in a collective format as well as individually, and to filter the available information.

The “Filter Bubble” highlights the problems of a phenomenon, you knew it already happened. This term was, according to Eli Pariser’s Ted Talk in the year 2011. The Internet activist used the term in 2010 for the first time.

Give and Take – This was for the revolutionary development of Bitcoin, as well as the subsequente Blockchain development is important. However, if existing organisations are not invited, then who will benefit from the implementation?

What’s missing?

When it comes to state regulation or payment processing, are Fortune-500 companies get a lot of attention to banks or stock exchanges to support the crypto-currencies or criticize as well as credit card companies-partnerships for crypto-cards.

In the year 2017, 22 patents have been filed in connection with Blockchain-technologies, 21 in the U. S. A. and one in Europe. For more information, click here.

Of course there is a good chance that each of these patents in just one year is already completely irrelevant.

More than patents – Samsung’s example

Samsung produces the Hardware, right? As the company announced in January 2018, you want to make ASIC Miner, many were surprised.

Samsung’s bubble is much larger than that – in 1938 as a trading company, then the company diversified into food processing, textiles, insurance, securities and retail.

In the 80s, you have forms, the delineation of subsidiaries in these areas, as well as medical, machine tool, various Insurance, fine chemicals, and more advanced. You have part ownership of a dozen other companies. The vast majority of their revenue remains in the electronics (about 174 billion U.S. dollars in sales). Apart from that, they have a global influence in the following industries:

Samsung even has its own amusement Park “Everland Resort”, it is the oldest amusement Park in South Korea. (Why has Disneyland, no crypto-currency?)

Blockchain-technologies may increase in virtually every industry, safety and without any question of efficiency through greater access to accurate data. Adding to that, Samsung is already working on these things works.


If you have not learned the lesson from the trade with crypto currencies, then you should learn this now. A long-term perspective will win.

To jump to just before the next crypto or Blockchain Startup, creates no winners. This is the short game. The bladder holds small.

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