Taron Egerton plays Elton John in the biography

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Taron Egerton takes the role of Elton John in a film about the life of the English singer. Egerton, well known from the Kingsman-movies, sings in the film the well known songs of John himself.

Rocketman, directed by Dexter Fletcher, follows the life of Elton John from his first years as a singer/pianist, his rise in the rock ’n ‘ roll scene of the seventies and the eighties, drugs and alcohol abuse until his final breakthrough as a world star.

Elton John has regular contact with the makers of the biopic. That told Johns husband, David Furnish, also producer of the film, to The Hollywood Reporter. “Elton told Taron that he should not copy. “Don’t think that the songs exactly the way to sing as they sang. Don’t think just like you I need to occur. According to me it is the challenge for an actor to have the spirit to embody and not to think that you a imitation should drop’.”

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