Submarine found that nazigoud transported would have

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Copenhagen – Employees of a museum in Denmark on the bottom of the North sea, a mysterious submarine found who played a key role in the flight of nazis at the end of the Second world War

The now finally found XXL boot of the Nazis protrudes a considerable distance in the sand.

Already, since 1945, talks of the rumors that high-ranking nazis with submarines to South America would have fled. They would also considerable quantities of gold have been taken.

At about eighteen kilometres north of Skagen in Denmark is a wreck of the German submarine U-3523 found.

It was going to be one of the new type XXI-submarines of Hitler, who specifically were designed to be longer time under water to remain. It would without interruption up to in South America have been able to sail.

According to tradition, would the U-3523 sunk, are brought by a British B24 bomber. The wreck was never found. That fed the stories that the boat escaped with a cargo of gold.

The researchers of the museum lokaliseerden the boat fourteen miles west of the place that the British, 73 years ago indicated. The XXI is located 123 metres under water and will cross a large part in the sand. The nazis built 118 of these boats, but only a handful is ever used.

Gert Normann Andersen, director of the Sea War Museum, understands that ever thought that the boat escaped. “But this submarine was en route to Norway and not to South America. There is also no evidence that high-ranking nazis or treasures were on board.”

It is now established that the 58 crew members of the U-3523 to life. The museum also has the last telegram that the submarine sent on may 5, 1945. And that doesn’t mention any high-ranking passengers or valuable cargo.

In a dossier by the CIA in 1955, claimed to be a former SS-officer Phillip Lemon that Hitler was in hiding in Colombia and later in Argentina. Lemon had a picture that a year earlier was taken in the Colombian city of Tunja, and in which he is depicted standing with Adolf Hitler.

In the FBI repository is an eyewitness account which states that Hitler arrived in Argentina with a submarine, two and a half weeks after Berlin had fallen. “As agreed with six senior Argentines were six horses to wait on the Germans. At dawn they were caught with stocks and away they went a day’s journey to the foot of the southern Andes. At sunset they came to a ranch where Hitler and his men are now hiding”, the report says.

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