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Stalkers, tragedies, and the most universal theme in the world

b9880a504587bd57744a53d67a953ebe - Stalkers, tragedies, and the most universal theme in the world

Also musicians have the sometimes heavy: Roy Orbison was in life a lot of lumps, and Beyonce proves tonight that she as an actress is not given the level of her music career.

  • Obsessed (Vitaya, 20.35-22.35 hours)

The fans of Beyoncé think back with pleasure to her role in Austin Powers, but not all of the films in which they play are something to be proud of. In Obsessed, she has appeared as the wife of a man who is a flirt a stalkster left.

  • Roy Orbison: Love Hurts (Canvas 22.50-23.50 pm)

Despite his big hits around the world got Roy Orbison in his private life, especially to deal with problems and tragedies. Music was a means to his demons to escape. On the basis of interviews with his three still-living sons reconstructs this documentary Orbisons difficult life.

  • Living on Soul (NPO 2 22.55-0.05 pm)

In december 2014, stole singer Sharon Jones, who two years later would die of cancer, the show for a series of concerts at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York. Together with Charles Bradley, Naomi Shelton, The Como Mamas and forty musicians she played with unprecedented energy in the packed hall.

  • Alloo and the love (VTM 21.50-23.10 hours)

Luk Alloo rushes – perhaps with everything he has in him – on the most universal theme in the world: love. He speaks with people who are addicted, mono – or polygamous, and people who live alone.

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