Scammers “quote” Colin Firth and Jay-Z to fake erection pills to sell

f9db5bd8c548d7626551ff0707bed5de - Scammers "quote" Colin Firth and Jay-Z to fake erection pills to sell

Quacks have the names of actor Colin Firth, and rapper Jay-Z abused via the internet under more fake erection pills to the man. “My performance is better than ever,” is Jay-Z supposedly quoted. Also the name of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, will be discussed. Reports that the British tabloidkrant Daily Mirror.

The websites try surfers to entice with free samples, but only in small print reveal the crooks that you sign up for a monthly subscription. One of the sites promotes a drug called Biogenic XR, an increased sexual stamina promises.

The website quotes the famous British actor Colin Firth: “They are the only company in the world that effectively the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in a safe, natural, and healthy way to fight.” Firth has with the product, however, nothing to do, so confirmed his spokesman to the Daily Mirror. The actor would, according to the newspaper “furious” about the cheating, and consider making a complaint to put down. “We would like our lawyers to those proposals,” says the spokesman.

The same website also claims that rapper Jay-Z, who has three children with Beyoncé, the product is used. “I am amazed of the results. My performance is better than ever,” the rapper said. Nothing is less true, as it turns out.

The site is even strong that the founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, is a big fan of the pills. “I can perform like I was 20”, says the citation. Rather unlikely, since Hefner passed away last year.

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