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Press release: Coinbase – worth crypto-currencies as an investment destination?

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Crypto-currencies are currently all the rage and ensure that lay people consider digital currencies to invest their money. Because of the high profits in the past few weeks that were not recorded only in Bitcoins, but also in other digital currencies, the Young and the Old on the crypto-currencies to the attention of, and represent these in a very attractive light.

Although the crypto-currencies were originally thought of only as an Alternative to the traditional banking system in the area of payment transactions. In the meantime, you have grown out of but as an alternative investment and also pursue the aim to be on the stock markets of this world with good yields traded. But for that to succeed, one must bring not only crypto-currencies in his possession, but also on the relevant exchanges successfully. Also on for details on what the provider has to offer Coinbase in this regard.

Who or what is Coinbase?

We already touched on briefly, is for trading crypto is a Broker currencies not needed, these currencies only, but also for the trade offers. One such Broker that has been recognized currencies, the Trend in respect of the Crypto is already in its Portfolio, is Coinbase.

The Broker has been operating since 2012 and is trying to keep its investors with a wide variety of services and a good trade offer in a good mood. Thus, the security is written large, which indicates that serious and clean. In addition, various Deposit options to the trading account. Trade the popular crypto-held currencies are ready based on a simple trading platform can be traded using different trading strategies.

Why Coinbase?

Coinbase is a solid Broker that has the advantage, that he has specialized on the crypto-currencies. Who does not want a lot of bells and whistles, and anyway not planned to do other tradable assets such as commodities, shares or indices, in the case of Coinbase to the right place. Because additional tradable assets are not offered there, so the focus is exclusively on the crypto-currencies.

This ensures a clear view and simple processes when you trade. For this reason alone, it’s worth it to take the offer from Coinbase little more closely, and in the consideration of the trade with crypto currencies.

What crypto-currencies are available for trading?

The main currency is the Bitcoin. Not least, because exactly this has caused in the last few months, for the fact that significantly more people are interested in the phenomenon of “digital currencies”.

On top of that Coinbase holds ready for trade the following crypto currencies:

  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

Be offered in addition to the currencies, Bitcoin, Gold, and Bitcoin is Cash for the trade.

How can the purchase or sale?

For Coinbase, must be made like all other brokers first login to the Broker. The application brings the opening of a trading account, the initial Deposit for the purchase of the desired digital currencies must be carried out.

The money is accounted for from the Deposit on the trading account, you can make the desired purchases. It is recommended to consider in the run-up to the previous development of the currencies, making it the perfect time can be found for purchase.

Since it is digital currencies that are managed online and in order to so long from Coinbase on the trading account of the Traders to be held until this decides to a sale. Also in the sale it is, of course, to find the best possible time, so that the highest possible return for the sale of Bitcoins or other digital currencies can be achieved.

How safe is Coinbase, and there is a regulation?

The provider is headquartered in San Francisco, and is thus subject to American law. With respect to the security is set in addition to the exchange of data on encrypted Connections, so that the transmitted data can not be from a disinterested third party to read.

The verification is done via SMS, and a 2-factor authentication. All of this points to the fact that clean and tidy and the safety of the investors not on the light shoulder.

Regulation as we know it from German brokers or brokers from the EU very often and have learned it at Coinbase. The American law does not provide for such a strict regulation.

Which customer service is offered?

Coinbase offers its services in different countries. Including of course Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Despite all this, there is no German customer service can be personally contacted. However, it is possible, by E-Mail with the provider to contact. Moreover, on the website / trading platform for a contact form.


Who wants to trade crypto-currencies with a simple trading platform is looking and on top of that, fair rates, is repealed in the case of Coinbase, in any case.

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