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Peak power across the full width: “myICO” writes success story in a remarkably short period of time

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An ICO requires a variety of complex preparation steps, which can not be handled by a single company or a single person adequately. As a problem solver, an ICO Agency. In this highly challenging Terrain, the young Start-up “myICO has determined” under the leadership of Marvin Steinberg after a few months of its existence, the coordinates in the future market of Blockchain technology in a completely new.

According to Marvin Steinberg, CEO “myICO” what distinguishes his equally young and aspiring ICO-Agency from other providers clearly underlines: “We provide our customers with the performance Maximum, the token sale of the Business, otherwise only from a focused, isolated specialists working to get and also only for a single Segment of the overall task. With us, however, this Maximum is extended consistently to the whole spectrum of ICO-preparation. We aim to convince in the run-up to the Coin-first sales phase across the continuous best performance. In other words: How to offer everything from a single source, and always at the highest level. This claim sets us apart.”

Attractive ICO clients to the clients list

“myICO” sees himself in the rank to be Europe’s leading ICO-Agency. This high claim of Marvin Steinberg and his Team are obvious. Because, although “myICO” is only in the past few months on the market, has already benefited now a good dozen of major companies hand of the multi-layered Expertise that occurs in “myICO”.

“Dimcoin” is about to list one of the many prominent names on the client; a Start-up, in which the qualities of Fiat Money, and which crypto-currencies synergistically. Also notable is the “carat”-Bank, when the benefits of crypto-currencies combined with the value of resistance of the precious metal Gold. Alone for these two flagships myICO could collect “” far in excess of $ 30 million for market capitalization. And within a few days.

Anyway: above-average speed in the first pre-sales of Coins and tokens is one of the Strengths of his company, as Marvin Steinberg: “We tell our customers to be able to your individual ICO within 14 days of realize. We differ, of course, not a Millimeter of our corporate philosophy and provide our clients with consistently outstanding results in all disciplines of contemporary ICO-preparation.”

The entire spectrum of ICO-preparation of a Hand

In this connection, Marvin Steinberg refers to the ten essential components well in advance of the ICO: the development of a distinctive, unique, ICO-brand image, combined with a clear positioning of the Corporate Design. Your expression of this Initial work in sales strong landing pages and white papers, the the qualities of clarity and enthusiasm combine to the optimum. In addition, scalable traffic sources provide a competitive advantage for “myICO”customers such as the technically flawless implementation of all the required Blockchain projects. The Full-Service offering round practical Whitelabel-Dashboard-solutions, complemented with the selection of over forty automated, secure Altcoin payment methods.

Important to Marvin Steinberg’s Support Team during a project the customers all the time: “So”, says the CEO, “I mean in fact nothing more than seven days per week, round-the-clock.”

Savvy experts provide measurable relief on the customer’s side

In the core myICO “” in addition to managing Director, Marvin Steinberg from the Web-Designer Luca Kögel, the lawyer, Harald Plewka, the financial experts Raymund Scheffler and the consultant Lorenz special money. They all share the Commonality, to have their qualities as undisputed specialists in their field, in practice, already x-times.

In the development of highly scalable financial software for Blockchain-based myICO, “” on the internationally recognised competence of the “CPI Technologies”, one of the world’s most in-demand Software and system houses.

This competence conglomerate will be extended, if required, by phase-wise ‘ experts-Manpower, says Marvin Steinberg: “each ICO, preparation stage, find specific control values, which have to be brought in their entirety in a harmonious Interplay. About the same as it is at the individual trades involved in the construction of a property. Here, as there, the Amateurs are overwhelmed, “” in a rule, the coordination or the execution of individual tasks.”

He and the “myICO”Team, however, could bring in a high level, phase-specific Expertise and for a measurable relief of the customers. This already high level of in-house expertise could possibly be lightning fast expanded, for example through an ad hoc “Task Force” of recognised experts from all over the world. With Marvin Steinberg: “On a comparable high-quality network to our customers from its own power, can come back to it in a rule. As a result, we can provide you with real value.”

All Register successful communication strategy

This makes networking in the same way, in the equally important area of Public Relations for the planned ICO noticeable. According to Marvin Steinberg myICO “pulls” here, “all the stops for a successful communication strategy”, and the “communicative, creative and competent.” Because only a well-visible. ICO could be a successful ICO.

As good as all the tab pulls “myICO” last but not least, when it comes to the stock exchanges with which the Agency is successful cooperations maintains. Including illustrious names such as Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Kraken, and many more.

Individual care plus persuasive expertise width

“”myICO” is large enough to tackle even the most demanding projects,” says Marvin Steinberg is convinced. “At the same time, we remain small enough to serve each customer as best as possible and our experts in each area of individual responsibility to be demanded. This is exactly the right mix to have in the future market of “Blockchain” to have a say in the coordinates is decisive – to the benefit of our customers.”

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