No one indicted for the death Prince

6819afd389b9d0adf1bef59ffbe5ef96 - No one indicted for the death Prince

The American justice system will say that no criminal prosecution be set in the file surrounding the death of the American rock star Prince. He died almost two years ago from an overdose of fentanyl.

The most credible hypothesis is that the 57-year-old singer the overdose by mistake had taken. A doctor had given him a week before his death, one other, less potent, painkiller.

But the investigation did not clearance how the singer/guitarist to the (wrong) product was touched.

The concerned doctor will thus not be prosecuted, but has, according to channel ABC accepted a settlement of $ 30,000 to pay for it. He had, after all, the prescription for Prince on behalf of someone else.

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