New Zealand band scattering asse death bassist on stage

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The New Zealand band Headless Chickens, get the wind from the front after the band members this week, the asse of their deceased bass player on the stage of the Taite Music Awards uitstrooiden. Reports that music site NME.

Bassist Grant Fell passed away in January of this year after a three year battle against cancer. The band wanted the bass player Tuesday night a last honor pledge at the Taite Music Awards in Auckland, New Zealand.

“I think Grant has always been on this stage had wanted to play,” said band member Chris Matthews when he made the Classic Record Award presented was for their album “Stunt Clown” from 1987. Then let he some of the asse out on stage, and then a song to grasp.

“It was like he was back among us. It was a magical moment for me,” says Headless Chickens-( Rupert E Taylor on Radio New Zealand. “I got his asse in my face and it ended up on my clothes.”

Soon there came criticism of the stunt. Many attendees, including some of the spectators of Maori origin, and found the tribute distasteful. In the tradition of the Maori, the original inhabitants of New Zealand, is the body of a deceased person, the remaining physical manifestation of the human soul, and hear the so with the greatest of respect to be treated.

An other artist that was to occur that evening had confirmed that he was happy that he is no prize, “otherwise I had to with my feet in that asse “stand”. “I was brought up in a culture where such shit is not okay,” sounded the still.

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