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NEO owners beware: Aphelion Airdrop for the first 10,000 participants

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After a few days of the Ontology Airdrop has taken place on the NEO Blockchain, Aphelion perform the Airdrop on the NEO-Blockchain. This time, only the first 10,000 people, rewards register. Among the first 10,000 to 500,000 Aphelion (APH) will be issued for free.

To the Airdrop to participate, you must register a Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit username, as well as the own E-Mail address, and a NEO – address, as well as the respective channels to subscribe to. At the time of writing have already signed up to 3,100 people. It is to be at interest so quickly.

The Aphelion-Token (APH) is based on the NEO-Blockchain, and the second NEP will be 5 tokens to the Ontology. The Distributed Ledger technology of Aphelion on sets as an Open-Source Peer-to-Peer (P2P) application Protocol on the NEO-Blockchain and was developed to provide users a fully decentralized environment for the trading of crypto currencies. A first impression of the DEX is the Screenshot of a test version:

The use of centralized exchanges, such as Binance, Bitfinex or Coinbase to be with dezenral capitalized Exchanges such as Aphelion obsolete, the basic idea of the Blockchain technology, decentralized. The decentralised Exchange-Asset Ledger (D. E. A. L.) of Aphelion, the decentralized application (DApp) is to eliminate any third party or Central authority.

The APH-NEP-5-Token to assume in the network, the task of a fiduciary-Services that will be set up for each transaction by means of Smart Contracts. The APH-Token will work also, similar to the reward system of NEO and Gas. The owner of the Tokens will be proportionally rewarded to the number of APH-Tokens.

Decentralised Exchanges on the NEO Blockchain

Aphelion is not the only one in development, the DEX for the NEO Ecosystem. As we already reported, the NEON Exchange (NEX) is also in development.

The regular Token Sale of NEX starts in a few weeks, and in April 2018 (a specific date is not fixed yet). This year to can trade be added to the platform, NEO, NEX and Gas as “base pairs”, these currencies against other Crypto (including the NEP5-Token). Other currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin is set to follow in 2019.

In view of the facts that centralized exchanges are always in the back of Hacks and this is the decentralized nature of crypto-currencies to the contrary, it is in our view desirable, that as soon as possible, decentralized exchanges are the centralized platforms of competition.

Anyone who is interested in Airdrop, you can visit the official page of Aphelion: and possibly sign up.

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