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Native Videdo Box and AdHive partnership, Content and influencer marketing zutrieben forward

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Native Video Box (NBI), the Blockchain-based Video distribution platform, has recently announced that it will close with AdHive, a leading Artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform for Influencer Marketing.

The strategic partnership is intended to be both business appropriate and synergistic effects, both of which can protifieren. Both NBI as well as AdHive have created unique solutions that will together play an important role in the promotion of the relations between brands, Influencers, Content creators, publishers and their audiences. NBI and AdHive have entered into this partnership because both companies are dependent on it to create depth Distribution Hubs, the relevant content with the Branding objectives can fine-tune the marketing specialists in more detail.

Real Engagement is the Holy Grail of the digital Influencer marketing. On the right way it has the potential to produce the best content that viewers crave. But it is an Ecosystem in which all actors need to work in harmony. By providing the functions of the Blockchain, and KI-technology NBI and AdHive are at the forefront of the changing Online content as we know it today.

The reality of today’s outdated, 20-year-old digital marketing strategies is that advertisers increasingly need to be agile and prudent, in order to keep with the habits and preferences of your target groups step. But within our huge digital stratosphere, it can be for advertisers is very difficult and expensive to find real, high quality Content creators that connect brands with their target audiences.

Other problems that advertisers are facing are the high brokerage fees charged by intermediaries. In addition, fraud and the circumvention of toll two big problems for the Online Marketing Ecosystem. Ad-blockers are available in the list of Webnuter at the very top, to protect themselves from unwanted advertising. By 2020, could emerge in the industry, this loss of revenue in the amount of 27 billion dollars for. According to estimates, the losses for Online beliefenn be advertisers in the past year alone to about US $ 7 billion.

As in the case of NBI, the Smart-Contract System of AdHive ensures that fraud is a thing of the past, since the AI recognizes when an Influencer has completed the contract of an advertiser. Only then the payment process is completed. The Adhive platform is also looking for Video Content for the target audience of the advertisers relevant. Here are the NBI comes into play. The NBI platform is a decentralized video distribution system that is based on the Blockchain technology and Deep Learning used to allow website operators to find relevant Videos automatically to your visitor. The KI-Widget the platform provides Videos with various types of Video Ads, such as In-Stream Ads or product Placements within a video. Of the NBI to match the content to the needs of the user, based on the theme of a Website. Since the platform of NBI is working is very resource friendly and efficient, the company up to 75% of its revenue with manufacturers and publishers to share the use of their platform.

Andrew Shishow, founder and CEO of the NBI, explained:

Our partnership with AdHive NBI provides access to high-quality content that can deliver our System to our users. NVB difficult reads for the AdHive Community new, additional target groups, so you have to rely less on big platforms like Facebook or Google’s YouTube. Our cooperation will enable us to achieve our goal to reach a large mass of users that will be able to work with the best partners to cooperate in order to achieve their desired goals.

Native Video Box is in the last week of his ICOs. The announcement of their strategic partnership with AdHive clearly shows that they are on a good way to achieve the objectives of your Roadmap. This also includes the plans for the programmatic selling through its Supply-Side platform (SSP), which will be at the beginning of this summer, to be published.

The Token sale ends on the 29. April 2018.

For more information about the NBI can be found under the (click!)

Further information to AdHive here: (click!)

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