Mystery-thrillerserie ‘Black Spot’, now in the Movies & Series Pass

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A French-Belgian thrillerserie that takes place in Villefranche, a small town on the edge of a dark forest. ‘Black Spot’ is exciting and mysterious, and one to bingewatchen!

Black Spot begins with a man, somewhere on the side of the road. He has car trouble and tries to help to make calls, but that does not work. No gsm range.

Welcome in Villefranche, a small (fictional) town on the edge of a dark, mysterious forest. A blind spot: no mobile phone coverage, no gps signal. “Even microwaves sometimes a bit weird”, according to the local politieinspecteur.

Which police inspector is Laurène Weiss, born and raised in Villefranche. She does not like to be around the pot and may already bright out of the corner. She has a teenage daughter, Cora, and leads a team of three gendarmes, who in the town should maintain.

You would expect that the police not a lot of work is in a godforsaken hole as Villefranche, only a few inhabitants. What vandalenstreken, an occasional neighbourly dispute … Nothing is less true, because murders in Villefranche is six times higher than average. The man with the car trouble – public prosecutor Franck Siriani –is figuring out what is going on.

In the cast you see Suliane Brahim as Laurène Weiss, Laurent Capelluto (Les Revenants) if Franck Siriani, and more Camille Aguilar, Cyrielle Debreuil (Spiral), Hubert Delattre and Samuel Jouy.

Who want to have a portion of mystery-thriller, is here at the right address. The strange, intriguing ‘Black Spot’ was received well and fell several times in the prizes at the Luchon International Film Festival. The eight episodes of the first season are now available in the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

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