Mariah Carey: ’Ex-manager is spreading lies’

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Now there is a chance in a legal fight between Mariah Carey and her ex-manager, Stella Bulochnikov, grabs the singer the opportunity to hit back. Previously, she was by her accused of breach of contract.

Mariah Carey

According to Mariah Carey had Stella halemaal no contract. “She was fired because her work is not effectively carried out, and her client is not well served. She has false rumor spreads through a variety of media. We do not respond to these lies and threats”, told her spokesmen to the People. Lawyers of Bulochnikov have this yet not comment.

After three years of partnership, went to Carey and her manager last autumn, from each other, and they released a joint statement in which they indicated ’partners to stay in a number of business projects and each other to continue to support’.

Nevertheless, the lawyers of Bulochnikov with a subpoena for the singer, because of breach of contract and violation of the civil rights act. So would Carey the manager also intimidated by often naked and sometimes sexual acts in her presence to carry out. They would be addicted to drugs, and her manager millions of guilty. Shortly before, came Mariah Carey out with the news that she is bipolar disorder, which they present with medications reasonable handling.

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